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Singular Blonde

2010: Year of the Tigress

According to Chinese Astrology, 2010 is the year of the Tiger, but I am calling it the year of the Tigress. It is a year of personal growth, intense change, travel, opportunities, friendship, and challenges. Every day, I had to learn how to land on my feet.

The year got off to a grand start with another episode of the show, MyHome 2.0. I created an interactive Skype Wall for the Reyes Family in Tampa, Florida and shared the stage with the flawless Tiffany Smith and Mark Montano. The Reyes’ loved the Skype wall I built and have called me from it a few times after the show. They still use it weekly to keep up with friends and family.

[On the set of My Home 2.0]

Directly after MyHome2.0, I flew to LA to spend a day with my friend and visit Disney Imagineering. I can't say what I saw, but it was stupendous! It was a dream visit. While there I had dinner with one of my favorite fashion techie’s Ms Syuzi Pakhchyan of

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Watch the Singularity University Briefing on Our Team Project!

(Above: Ray Kurtzweil, Me, and Peter Diamondies at Singularity University) 

I've been working all summer with bright and wonderful people who want to improve the lives of 1 Billion People in 10 years. Catch a glimpse of our final projects at an online briefing tomorrow, September 13th.

Time: @ 9:30 AM PST/ 12:30 EST


There is a limited capacity of viewers,  click on the link to sign up to watch ASAP!

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Singular Blonde: Last Week Preparations

(2:30 a.m. Sunday Night)

It's the last week of Singularity University. We've been working in our individual group projects around the clock for three weeks. I am a part of the UpCycle group which is working to reduce waste and look at waste as valuable opportunity. 


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Singular Blonde: Social Attack of Telepresence Robot

Last week, at SU, one of my team members (Let's call him Robot Brad) logged into a webpage from a remote location and visited us at Singularity. He wondered the halls and talked to us through the Willow Garage Telepresence robot called Texai.

I caught the robot invasion on video below: 


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Girls in Jet Engines

It is not everyday a girl gets to play in a jet engine! My friend Chiara and I spent the evening at the Aviation Museum learning about The Future of Cities with Paul Romer, Greg Lindsay, Alex Garvin. 

We had fun exploring the museum and gathered insight into designing future cities. My favorite talk was Greg Lindsay who talked about Aerotropolis, which is about building cities around airports. It may sound crazy, but as we become come more and more global it only makes sense to live near an airport so you can get to where you want to go. 

The vision of housing growth around airports makes me wonder about the future value of current and historic houses and communities? 

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Put A Ring On It! New, Pilot Show for WEtv!

Before leaving for Singularity University, I had the pleasure of shooting a new TV show for WEtv called "Put A Ring On It"

The show consists of me, as the Technology Expert; Diana Falzone, the Relationship Expert; and Thomas Henderson, the Stylist. Guys looking to propose to their girlfriends come to us and we help him create an unforgettable wedding proposal. 

In the pilot, we helped Michael surprise his girlfriend by freezing time while he proposed. I had to fight back the tears as I watched this moment happen in person. It was so sweet and I promise will brighten up your day! 

"Put a Ring On It" was produced and directed by Michael Krivicka and James L. Percelay at thinkmodo. 

The 7 minute pilot episode received 100,000 views on YouTube (watch) only one month after it was posted. Thousands of Facebook shares, hundreds of Twitter tweets, numerous articles & blog posts, and several TV news segments created a highly effective buzz for the show.

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The Open Science Summit is Streaming Right Now!

One of the main topics of discussion here at SU is the concept of open source science and its affect on the future. You can now create and manipulate DNA in your garage or with your local community. This idea is generating excitement and fear. As the sciences become more accessible some people are reveling in the creativity of creating DNA art, while others are fearing a crazy viral outbreak or mutant rat take over. 

If you want to know more about what is happening in this area, The First Open Source Sciences Summit is shared online today. They are discussing how open source sciences push scientific exploration and innovation through open collaborative processes. The sciences included quantum computing, DIY biology, mathmatics, informatics, and much more. 

Watch the summit right NOW, here is the link!


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SU Student, Santiago Bilinkis, on Twitter Culture and the Loss of Attention

Brain Rules by John Medina

The classes we’re having down here at Singularity University are really amazing. It’s a unique opportunity to listen to speakers who blow your mind. I must confess, however, that there’s something I’m quite worried about: When taking some distance from what is going on at the classes, you can notice that, hard as we may try, we students don’t manage to pay attention for an extended period of time.

It seems as if the culture of brevity reflected on Twitter or TED (the shorter the better) had destructed our capacity to stay focused for more than just a couple of minutes.

Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since I last stepped into a classroom. Or it might be because at that time we didn’t have personal computers on our desks. Or perhaps it was because even if we had one, there was no internet to put the whole world just one click away. Truth is that my prior experiences on what it means to be “a student” consisted in 40 minutes to 2 hours sitted, paying close attention most of the time.

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Exponential Future of Fashion Ignite Presentation

IDEO Workshop, End of Week 2, & Frustrations

At the end of Week 2, after a rough workshop with IDEO, I came to the realization that my ability to lead and work with international teams needs some work.


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