TLC Inventive Women

I attended a casting call for a new reality TV show for women inventors produced by TLC, Discovery Studios, and Milojo Productions. The show, hosted by TV star Kelly Ripa, is designed to help inventive women “manufacture, market … and eventually sell their product on HSN (Home Shopping Network).”

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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Hipsters Edition

Your Future Shopping Buddy? Multi-touch Retail Display

What you are looking at is an experimental retail display called Razorfashion. It is a large multi-touch enabled computer screen that is designed to let you shop fashion items using gestures. Think of it as a giant iPhone installed in the shopping mall, running a shopping app. Similar to Amazon, it shows you product reviews and tries to sell you related products. Facebook integration is also promised, so that you can consult your friends on purchases. See the video embedded below for all the goodness.

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The Light of Invention

[Music Room at Edison National Historic Site]

I recently had the opportunity to have a private visit of the Thomas Edison National Historic Site in West Orange, New Jersey. Its Thomas Edison’s laboratory complex and it is currently being renovated. The complex is where he created the first films, recorded some of the first music records, manufactured light bulbs and phonographs and many other gadgets that changed our lives forever. Since I was there as part of team of fabricators who were helping with the renovation, I didn’t feel it was right for me to take too many pictures, but I did get this one shot of the machine shop in the early afternoon. 

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Electronic Sewing Kits

If you are having a tough time finding the right electronic craft materials for your next invention, try out one of these great kits available online.

Stern Lab is a good choice if you are looking for the basics at a good cost. With this kit you can light up a t-shirt or your embroidery. $15 on Etsy


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Color Changing Electronic Skins

Our readers who are old enough to remember seeing Governator's Sci-Fi movie Total Recall would recognize the animated GIF. In this scene, a bored receptionist is trying out different nail colors with a simple touch of a stylus.

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Nanoscopic Sewing

I am not going to pretend that I know anything about nanotechnology. Nonetheless, I found this report on The Economist regarding how scientists are using nanoscopic needle to stitch carbon-fiber layers together quite fascinating. Sewers may want to give it a read:

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GPS Shoes for Alzheimer's Patients


Fashion technology is not all about "fashion." There are also serious use cases that may not be glamorous but serve the greater good. The just-announced GPS shoes for Alzheier's patients is one example. As you know, people suffering from Alzheier's may wander away from home and forget how to get back due to dementia. GPS shoes can help patients' families and caregivers to locate them in such a scenario.

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Solar Powered Happiness in a Bottle

If your headed into the wild this summer, be sure to take along the Light Cap by Sollight. You can drink till your hearts content and then hang the bottles from a tree for light as beautiful as the lanterns at Tavern on the Green.

These caps are also great for that old Nalgene bottle you've saved.

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Flashback Fashion Tech

This charming flower is not costume jewelry but actually a hearing aid device made in—1802!

If you think that integrating useful technology into clothing and accessories is something new, think again. Without fail, we can always look to the past for seeds innovation to stimulate our own creation. Below I've put together a number of fun inventions from the bygone days and compared them to some of their modern day counterparts.


1972: Panasonic Toot-A-Loop Radio R-72

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