New York Times Visit's Switch Creator, Alison Lewis

Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times

September 10, 2009: Today, the New York Times posted an article about me, my home, and my affinity towards designing with electronics.

You can see the full article, by Penelope Green, here.

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Fashion Camp NYC 2009

Alison will be at Fashion Camp in NYC this weekend, September 12th and 13th.

Fashioncamp is an event where fashion-lovers from all over the fashion-map come together to talk about the future of fashion in a relaxed environment. It follows the format of a “barcamp”, a popular event in the tech community where people get together to share what they think is cool and to network. Find out more and get FREE tickets here.

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Sparkle Labs

It's cute, it's smart, and you can make it do things! No, it’s not a robot or my pet Pomeranian, it’s the Discover Electronics Kit from Sparkle Labs. The kit, designed by husband and wife team Ariel Churi and Amy Parness, is so absolutely adorable to look at and use it will inspire even the most fearful of electro-phobes to take their first steps into making their own circuits.

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Conductive Body Paint makes sweet music

WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Solar Vest Edition

There is no need to waste words to describe the solar vest in the image above. It's rather, well, aesthetically challenged, and was roundly ridiculed by many bloggers. Allow me to quote Jaymi of to fulfill the snark quota:

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The beauty of Visualizing Sound

The visual results of scientific exploration can be absolutely beautiful.

Today, after watching this inspirational video talk on Cymatics, the process of visualizing sound, by Evan Grant. I was inspired to learn more. I did a search for artists and designers who are making sound a part of their aesthetic and what I found is just plain cool. I suspect there are many more working wtih sound out there, but here are a few to start:

Artist Katie Davies created these 3D Sound Prints, which transforms sound into a three-dimensional form using a combination of different specialiized software.

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Pick ME! Pick Me!

Please go and vote for IHeartSwitch to participate in SXSW Interactive this year. Click here or on the image and give us a thumbs up. I've put together a great talk for SXSW entitled "Duh…It’s Like Tech for Girls <3." 

The description for the seminar is as follows:

"How do you get a fashion-obsessed girl to love and work with electronics and technology? This talk promises to give a breakdown of tactics, which work in igniting that tech spark. We’ll cover principles like throwing out all the “geek speak” technology terms and using skills from traditional crafts. You’ll leave inspired full of tips and insights you can use at home or in your next marketing campaign."

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"NotCot" discovers what's inside vibrating mascara

Jean Awe of NOTCOT has unearthed the tiny little vibrating motors inside Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara.

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Follow Switch on Twitter

Feeling twitterpated over Switch? Just can’t get enough news on the lifestyle for bright minded gals with a creative edge?

Well, now you can now keep up on all the latest and greatest articles, links, press, workshops, and happenings on iHeartSwitch and me, Alison Lewis, through Twitter. We’ve added a module on the homepage to keep up with tweets or you are welcome to give me a follow on Twitter, Twitter name is SwitchGirl.

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Dandelight DeLite

The Dandelinght is a cute little weed popping up all over design and technology blogs. The down-home DIY craftsmanship and whimsical design, created by Design Drift, is made with real dandelion seeds around a single LED.

You can purchase one of these little art pieces from designboom or if you want a  challenge, you could try to make one yourself.

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