Rihanna Shows off her Laser Shoulder Pads at the 2009 AMA's

What goes with an outfit made out of white leather straps? Laser shooting shoulder pads, of course!

If you missed Rihanna's performance of "Wait Your Turn" at the 2009 AMA's you can see the video on YouTube.

Photo via: SingersRoom

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How to purchase fabrics for your Switch Craft projects

Obsessed with finding the right fabric? I am too, and this was no exception for the fabrics I used in my book Switch Craft. Each material was meticulously chosen for its color, pattern, sheen, and weave, while bringing vibrancy to the normally dull subject of electronics.

I have put together a guide to help you get the best fabric for your next Switch Craft project.

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Kicking off the Web 2.0 Conference with New York Ignite, November 16th

Tomorrow night, November 16th, I have 5 minutes and 20 slides to share everything I know about creating a tech savvy DIY for a non-techy crafter. Can I do it? You’ll have to tune in find out. 

Ignite NYC VII

When: 11/16, starting @7PM
Where: New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street
What: 15 five minute presentations that geeks and techies will love
Admission: FREE

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The IT Crowd - A Nerdy British Comedy

If you like geeky British guys working in the basement of a corporate office run by an narcissistic idiot, then you are ready for The IT Crowd.

The British based comedy, created by "Father Ted's" Graham Linehan, is over the top silly foolishness that mocks our internet addictions, technological ignorance, and the social ineptitude of nerds. The story centers around an IT support staff working in the forgotten dingy basement of a large corporation called Reynholm Industries. Jen (the dimwit), who doesn't know a keyboard from a mouse pad, is brought in to run the IT support department which consists of Moss (the geek) and Roy (the slob). 

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Twitter Stockings!

It has finally happened, the Twitter invasion has spread to our bodies, specifically, it has circulated to our legs with Gabby and Tal's Twitter stockings. Each pair has the cute Twitter bird logo and the words "Follow Me" printed down the leg. Donning this legwear is sure to invite strangers to actually follow you. If this is something that doesn't bother you, and as long as they are not creeps, seize the moment to turnaround and give them your Twitter handle. You'll have hundreds of new followers in no time!

Each stocking is made by hand and are sold at their Etsy shop for $18. They sell out quick,  get your order in now for the Holidays. 


Via: styleguru

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Electronic Paper Pop-up Book by Jie Qi


Artist and designer, Jie Qi, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Columbia University, created an inspiring electronic pop-up book while studying at the MIT Media Lab last summer. I love her sense of color and youthful illustrative style. She displays each interactive concept with a simple color scheme and an easy to understand visual story. The stories include pollinating bees, the lighted solar system, a flashing big city, snapping Venus fly traps, twinkling musical moon & stars, and sparkling underwater life.  Watch the video of the orange book page in action below. Afterwards, scroll down and see her beautiful blooming paper flowers video as well.

Via: zachlieberman

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Holiday Rejuvenation Series II - Revive your skin with Blue Light Treatments


Tired of the winter blues? Does your skin and mood need a pick me up? Use a blue light treatment, like Philips goLITE BLU Light Therapy Device or Tandas Light Therapy Treatment. This light exposure helps your body release hormones that can improve your mood and energy levels and kill nasty acne causing bacteria. Philip’s goLITE BLU and other similar light therapy treatments are specifically designed to thwart the winter blues by giving you the added benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays. You will not get a tan, but the treatment is safe and pain free. 

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The road to collaborative fashion design

Tonight at 6.30 PM EST Benedikta and Nora of BurdaStyle.com are giving a talk in the “Networked Design” Series at Parsons, organized by the ASS Graphic Design department. The talk will be on “The road to collaborative fashion design." Don't miss it! If your not able to pass by? Watch the live stream of the event.

Find out more information here

BurdaStyle is a stylish open source community website with free fashion patterns, examples, and contests for people who sew. There is a very supportive member community and for inspiration be sure to see the member uploaded photos.

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Holiday Beauty Rejuvenation Series I - Start Clean!

Need a clean slate? Let a gentle motorized cleansing brush remove the left over remnants of Halloween makeup for bright healthy looking skin. The rotating bristles are supple and bring benefits way beyond just clean skin. After repeated use, users reported marked improvement in skin tone and texture, fewer blackheads, and reduced pore size.

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Holiday Beauty Rejuvenation Series

[Photography by and of Melaena Giraldo, also known as Cherryyy pop! on Flickr.]

After a weekend of horror, candy, and heavy make-up, are your pores and tresses more frightening than the next-door neighbors withered pumpkins? If so, you are not alone. Halloween costuming can be fatal to hair and skin, and with the holiday marathon that follows it’s important to get your beauty regimen back on track.

Not to worry, over the next week Switch will be bringing you a list of at-home treatments and products good enough for even the serious beauty buff.

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