Fashion Poll: Twitter Dress at Grammys

Last week, Imogen Heap accepted her 2010 Grammy while wearing a dress with scrolling LED text on a large collar. She designed the dress so her "fans could accompany her to the award show" she wrote on Twitter that morning. The dress has its own twitter feed (#twitdress) which displayed the twitter pics from fans in real-time as she accepted her award. What do you think? 

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Free copy of Switch Craft and Illuminated Fabric - DEADLINE EXTENDED is giving away a free copy of Switch Craft and a 10" x 10" swatch of fiber-optic lighted fabric from Luminex to one lucky person. We have a nice number of responses, but we'd like a few more so we've extended the deadline to the 12th of February, the winner will be announced on February 20th, so stay tuned! 

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Alison is the Techno-Fashionista Guru for Verizon FiOS’s MyHome2.0

(Above: Me taking a break with the cast and crew on the MyHome2.0 set in 2008)

BACK for ANOTHER EPISODE for the tech home makeover show MYHOME 2.0! I worked on 5 episodes in 2008 creating unique interactive systems, with my fellow Gurus Brian and Lloyd and made five families lives better through technology. Like before, we get only 48 hours to seamlessly mesh the new computer equipment, one-of-a kind interactive designs, and install Verizon FiOS into the newly redesigned home.

However, this season, the show has a fabulous new cast of characters. The Makeover team is now made up of a Head Guru, Scott Martian Brooks, the show Host, Tiffany Smith, Design Guru Mark Montano, a local FiOS Guru, and a Tech Guru - which is me for this episode. The Tech Guru used in the episode depends on the families needs and what type of installation they looking for. Brian is the mega metal headed mechanical technologist, Lloyd is the computer genius who can connect and code any home for an upgrade straight into the future, and then there is me, the
Techno-Fashionista, who softens everything up with personalized electronic designs that focus on aesthetics (of course!).

(Brian, Lloyd, and me hugging it out before the big reveal!)

You can watch the older episodes on Vimeo. Some of the projects you will find there include a
FiOS-Enabled Emotion Detector, an infrared digital harp, a digital Memory Wall, a whimsical PB&J Machine and more!

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Women Spend More Time Gaming Than Men! - Tiffany Lawson

Girls in Tech Conference(GIT) attendee looking surprised. Maybe they were learning about making money with online gaming? [photography:]

One of the hot topics of the GIT Conference was gaming. In the early gaming days, the majority of the players were male but that was because the developers were/are male. However, today women spend more hours per month gaming than men. In fact, the vast majority of this is due to online gaming (like Facebook and Yahoo Games). This online gaming industry is mainly women between the ages of 35 - 45 and the console players are not far behind with 40% being women with the average age being 32 (see chart below). This is a big change over the past 10 years. There is a lot of growth in this area for women because men do not know what women want or what peaks their interest.

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Guest Blogger, Tiffany Lawson from

This week, Switch welcomes Tiffany Lawson as our guest blogger from San Francisco! Tiffany is a smart and stylish account manager for, an Internet Service Provider based out of Santa Rosa, CA. She spent yesterday gathering up the latest trends, news, and topics from the Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference and will be sharing them with Switch readers tomorrow and Friday.

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Make your own Sparkly Tweezerman Tweezers

If blinging out your cell phone doesn't do it for you, what about crystalized tweezers? 

I love things that are pink. I love things that sparkle. And I love beauty tools that are fun and make my daily routine feel less like torture. But in 2010, we do not all necessarily have the luxury of paying $100 for these super, cute bling travel tweezers from Tweezerman.

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Luxury Mobile Phones for the Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle

Yet another luxury phone is coming to market. The Italian fashion house Versace plans to introduce its first in a line of mobile phones to the public in May. The phone will cost around $5,000 and according to their press release, will be crafted to the client’s expectations with the highest quality of materials such as leather. (ZDNet) Designed in collaboration with with ModeLabs, who creates tailor-made handsets for brands like Tag Haur and Dior, Versace follows in the heels of luxury branded mobile phones from Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Armani.

Luxury phones, such as these, are in high demand in Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, but honestly this launch just feels like hype. I guess if you have billions of dollars it makes sense to have a phone that represents your status and lifestyle, but I think telecom companies and manufacturers can do better than flashing up the exterior with leather and ice.

Of all the luxury phones on the market so far, Prada and LG win the golden ticket.

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DIY: Glow-in-the-Dark Sketch Wall

Make a fun glow-in-the-dark writeable wall! PaulBo over at FangleTronics has a really simple DIY for making a glow in the dark wall you can write on. The wall is made by adding a few coats of Glow-In-The-Dark Brush-On Paint and any type of light or LED pen will light up the wall. This is a seriously fun project for the whole family and FangieTronics does a great job of explaining how to make it.

For those without electronic skills,  purchase an LED light pen or LED key light to use to write on the walls instead of making one from scratch.

via: Makezine

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Sequined Solar Cells for Power Hungry Fashionistas


With the advancement of a new micro solar cell, sequined dresses of the future may not just indicate a fashionista on the loose, but instead, an environmentally conscious go-getter with a fully charged cell phone.

The scientists at Sandia National Laboratories, makers of all things sci-fi, have created tiny snow-flake looking solar cells (pictured below) for possible applications in textiles and clothing. These cells are being designed to be less expensive and have greater electronic efficiencies than the current cells on the market. The micro cells require cutting edge manufacturing techniques to ensure quality. Even so, their miniscule size makes it so that there is a minimal loss of power production if one were to be damaged. Compare this to today’s large rectangular solar panels, where if one goes down, the whole unit has a huge loss in power production. Instead with these new cells if one went down it would just be a small percentage of the overall grid.

This is defiantly a technology to watch. I see a future of sparkling rooftops, glittering light poles, and fashionable sequined shrugs. What do you see? What would you make with solar powered sequins? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Inhabitat

Dress image from stellarmagazine

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DIY: Scarves That Detect When You’re Loved One is Near

Mr. ArduinoFun has posted a really great tutorial for the electronic seamstress on Instructables. The concept, based Ethan Dicks from's emergent Sheep Sculpture project, is a scarf that detects when you are near your loved one.

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