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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Solar Vest Edition

There is no need to waste words to describe the solar vest in the image above. It's rather, well, aesthetically challenged, and was roundly ridiculed by many bloggers. Allow me to quote Jaymi of to fulfill the snark quota:

"First, it says "SOLAR VEST" on the back. WTF? [...] they rate the four solar cells at 6W, and yet claim that you can charge your laptop with it. That's just untrue. [...] the site's FAQ actually says this'll draw in chicks 'like moths to a light bulb.' Really?? [...] People design ugly crap with 'green' as an angle, and waste the earth's resources manufacturing it. The fact is items like these are not going to get a lot of market attention, and they shouldn't."

The criticism from TreeHugger and other blogs are well-deserved. On the other hand, we are always excited to see more wearable technology products being merchandised and introduced to the public. The genre is still relatively new and some trial and error is inescapable. So you wannabe fashion tech moguls out there: Let us help you. There are many smart women and men who's been exploring and refining this art, and they'd be happy to land a hand or two to ensure that your product designs are practical, easy-to-use, beautiful, and desirable. Time to "make it work!"

(Source: Chinavision via TreeHugger)

Bonus content: Here are a few more head-scratchers for your amusement. We can do better than this people! All photos via: Guardian UK

Andrew Schneider's Solar-Powered Bikini: Produces enough power to charge an iPodAndrew Schneider's Solar-Powered Bikini: Produces enough power to charge an iPod

Lapidus 1996-97 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture CollectionLapidus 1996-97 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture Collection

Photovoltaic-Powered Bra by Triumph InternationalPhotovoltaic-Powered Bra by Triumph International


Hm. Yes. Photovoltaic Bra. Because something traditionally worn UNDER the clothing is going to catch a lot of sun... At least the Bikini is meant to be worn in Sunshine...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009 - 04:42