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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Inflatable Bras Edition

It may be hard to believe but during the 50s and 60s blow-up bras were manufactured and sold to the mass market by Frederick's of Hollywood ("make the most of you") and Très Secrète ("the most inspired of the sweet feminine deceptions"). Mercifully, they were long buried in the dustbin of history—right where they belong. That is, until a 21st century Chinese company got "inspired" and decided to revive the idea that refuses to go flat (sorry).

Unlike primitive predecessors whose only ambition was enlargement, the inventor of She's Mine inflatable bras cracked the secret to women's eternal happiness: Variable cup size from day to night.

"B cup in the office. What a lady!"

"When out on the town, charm them with C cup!"

"D cup comes party time. Caliente mamacita!"

Look how it transformed these maidens' lives from bitterness to bliss. Who needs OxyContin?

All it takes is a few presses on the mini pump embedded in each of the two specially designed pads. It is so heavenly supportive and thus aptly named...God's Hand.

Here's the mind blowing (sorry again) informercial in its entirety:

Also check out these inflatable pads sold by Debenhams in UK.

Image source: Unapologetically Female, Leicestershire County Council, and YouTube