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Wing Tips

Never buy old leather shoes at the Goodwill store. Either the shoes have been broken to fit another man's step or the leather is dried out, or both. But, these (above) randomly hung art pieces around Richmond, Virginia are a most fitting memorial to many miles traveled.

"Michael Dulin is a mixed media artist from Richmond whose project Tomorrow Stood Just Outside the Circle from Where the Light Did Shine plays with the appearance of black dress shoes dangling from trees. The act of hanging shoes is a globally recognized practice steeped in urban myth, and the shoes offer the isolated feeling that can develop when life becomes full of hardship. Each pair is tied together by the shoelaces and hung, and each shoe contains three amber-colored LEDs, which operate on a broken-circuit, thus producing a flame-like flickering. Along with writing poetry and composing journalistic pieces that expose culture and environmental relations, Dulin is also the producer, writer, and director of an independent, surrealist theatre group known as “PunkSinatra”. He is currently the editor of,”Ship On The Horizon”, a free, dadaist-inspired publication dealing in conceptual art and minimalism."

Via: Wooster Collective