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What happens when Men knit?

They do it big! I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw these two massive construction vehicles knitting away for artist, Dave Cole. In the photo above, you can see two John Deere excavators knitting an American Flag with an on-looking construction worker. Watching the process is like looking at Myth Busters, Junk Yard Wars, and being at your weekly Knit Night all mixed together. The machines hold oversized needles, which are moved with the help of
two men driving the vehicles, while the artist, elevated on a lift,
works with the fabric.

Mr. Cole is not new to the knitting world. In fact, he’s been mixing the industrial with the homespun for sometime in his art with Kevlar booties and fiberglass teddy bears and the like. Art critics, such as Francine Koslow Miller from Art Forum, say Mr. Cole continues to “recraft the American flag and to suggest sociopolitical punch lines in impressive recombinations of found and laboriously hand crafted objects.”

However, I can’t help but wonder if he was thinking, “Hey, I like big things and machines. I wonder what happens if I had a big machine do the knitting for me?” Whatever the case, the feat is extremely impressive and certainly worth a look.

You can view the flag, his process, and a number of his other works at his site,

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