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Three Tweets for Twittering Teddy!!!

Guru Lloyd and I, from MyHome2.0, performed hours of exhausting surgery on an old teddy bear to bring you the Twittering Teddy! We converted your favorite friend into an animatronic bear that reads and speaks all your Twitter messages. Creepy? No... its CUTE!

How 2.0: Make a Twittering Teddy Bear from My Home 2.0 DIY on Vimeo.

There is lots you can do with Twittering Teddy!

+ Make your own animatronic Twittering Animal from the steps on the MyHome2.0 site

+ You can watch the streaming video on USTREAM.TV. She will be there for two weeks.

+ If you want to talk to Teddy through Twitter, you can add here on your twitter account by going to: