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Your Future Shopping Buddy? Multi-touch Retail Display

What you are looking at is an experimental retail display called Razorfashion. It is a large multi-touch enabled computer screen that is designed to let you shop fashion items using gestures. Think of it as a giant iPhone installed in the shopping mall, running a shopping app. Similar to Amazon, it shows you product reviews and tries to sell you related products. Facebook integration is also promised, so that you can consult your friends on purchases. See the video embedded below for all the goodness.

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How to Make your own fabric prints with Spoonflower

Textile design has always been a really interesting art form to me. But, after experimenting with some not-so-simple techniques such as stenciling, bleaching, RIT dying, and candle wax masking (a.k.a. “A MESS”), I reluctantly gave up the dream of making my own fabric. Luckily Spoonflower—an online fabric printing service—came along and opened the door for easy textile creation for the rest of us!

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Find Out What Celebrities You Look Like

Face recognition and pop culture collide in this cool online software on MyHeritage. You can morph into your favorite celeb or see who you look like. (see below) If you want fairly accurate results, make sure you use a picture that has a clear front view of your face - or - use a fun pict for some hilarious celeb selections.


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Make TV

Earlier this month, Make Magazine launched Make TV, 'a DIY series for a new generation', which takes reference from resources like YouTube and Instructables to create informative episodes on upcycling, recycling, creating and making things. I got a chance to preview some of the content and I picked out three of my favorites. I've also included links so you can watch them as well.

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Organize your weblife with Lifestreaming sites

If your like me, keeping up with your daily activities not to mention the activities of all your friends online can be daunting. In order to stay fresh on the social musings of your pals you need check each social site like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter separately . To combat this there are a number of "lifestreaming" applications one can use and download to coordinate everything in one spot.

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