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Futures Studies & Forecasting

Lessons from My Summer at Singularity University

After a full summer and a couple of weeks of veggin' out with my SU friends, I am totally inspired. To keep me on track, I have come up with a set of laws to help guide me through my next life adventure:


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Girls in Jet Engines

It is not everyday a girl gets to play in a jet engine! My friend Chiara and I spent the evening at the Aviation Museum learning about The Future of Cities with Paul Romer, Greg Lindsay, Alex Garvin. 

We had fun exploring the museum and gathered insight into designing future cities. My favorite talk was Greg Lindsay who talked about Aerotropolis, which is about building cities around airports. It may sound crazy, but as we become come more and more global it only makes sense to live near an airport so you can get to where you want to go. 

The vision of housing growth around airports makes me wonder about the future value of current and historic houses and communities? 

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