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Fashioning Technology and Switch are Joining Forces at SXSWi 2010

Syuzi Pakhchyan of Fashioning Technology and I are joining forces at SXSW and hosting a session called “Duh…It’s Like Tech for Girls <3.” Here is the information: 

Duh ... It's Like Tech for Girls <3

SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX

Monday, March 15, 11am, ACC 7

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Fairytale Fashion Show

Diana Eng's Fairytale Fashion Show from iHeartSwitch on Vimeo.

Wednesday night at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, Diana Eng showcased her Fairytale Fashon Show with soft glowing dresses, twinkling skirts, modular oragami shapes, and a lighted balloon releasing gown.

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Fairytale Fashion Show, February 24th in NYC

Diana Eng is "using technology to turn make-believe into reality" at her Fairytale Fashion Show at Eyebeam in NYC tomorrow night. Diana, who has recently been seen geeking out with ham radios, has also been reporting on the process of the fashion show on CRAFT and Make since last Friday. She's been coordinating and working on the project with the help of Eyebeam a Art and Technology Center and few very talented techies. I am really looking forward to it. I'll be there tweeting as the models hit the runway, so be sure to stay tuned to my tweets from switchGirl.

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Saying goodbye to my hero, Lee Alexander McQueen

"Everything has an end. The cycle of life is a positive thing because it gives room for new things to come." - McQueen

It has been almost two weeks since I learned about Alexander McQueen's tragic suicide. When it happened, I didn't want to blog about it because it felt too personal and deeply depressing. For me, iHeartSwitch is about moving forward with technology in a positive light, not mourning the past. But sometimes, you have to acknowledge and share your pain in order to move past it. I am lucky enough to have a venue to do that and I know many of you were also deeply shocked and hurt by his passing as well, so you won’t mind if I get a little personal.

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Alison is the Techno-Fashionista Guru for Verizon FiOS’s MyHome2.0

(Above: Me taking a break with the cast and crew on the MyHome2.0 set in 2008)

BACK for ANOTHER EPISODE for the tech home makeover show MYHOME 2.0! I worked on 5 episodes in 2008 creating unique interactive systems, with my fellow Gurus Brian and Lloyd and made five families lives better through technology. Like before, we get only 48 hours to seamlessly mesh the new computer equipment, one-of-a kind interactive designs, and install Verizon FiOS into the newly redesigned home.

However, this season, the show has a fabulous new cast of characters. The Makeover team is now made up of a Head Guru, Scott Martian Brooks, the show Host, Tiffany Smith, Design Guru Mark Montano, a local FiOS Guru, and a Tech Guru - which is me for this episode. The Tech Guru used in the episode depends on the families needs and what type of installation they looking for. Brian is the mega metal headed mechanical technologist, Lloyd is the computer genius who can connect and code any home for an upgrade straight into the future, and then there is me, the
Techno-Fashionista, who softens everything up with personalized electronic designs that focus on aesthetics (of course!).

(Brian, Lloyd, and me hugging it out before the big reveal!)

You can watch the older episodes on Vimeo. Some of the projects you will find there include a
FiOS-Enabled Emotion Detector, an infrared digital harp, a digital Memory Wall, a whimsical PB&J Machine and more!

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Guest Blogger, Tiffany Lawson from

This week, Switch welcomes Tiffany Lawson as our guest blogger from San Francisco! Tiffany is a smart and stylish account manager for, an Internet Service Provider based out of Santa Rosa, CA. She spent yesterday gathering up the latest trends, news, and topics from the Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference and will be sharing them with Switch readers tomorrow and Friday.

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Rihanna Shows off her Laser Shoulder Pads at the 2009 AMA's

What goes with an outfit made out of white leather straps? Laser shooting shoulder pads, of course!

If you missed Rihanna's performance of "Wait Your Turn" at the 2009 AMA's you can see the video on YouTube.

Photo via: SingersRoom

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Electronic Paper Pop-up Book by Jie Qi


Artist and designer, Jie Qi, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Columbia University, created an inspiring electronic pop-up book while studying at the MIT Media Lab last summer. I love her sense of color and youthful illustrative style. She displays each interactive concept with a simple color scheme and an easy to understand visual story. The stories include pollinating bees, the lighted solar system, a flashing big city, snapping Venus fly traps, twinkling musical moon & stars, and sparkling underwater life.  Watch the video of the orange book page in action below. Afterwards, scroll down and see her beautiful blooming paper flowers video as well.

Via: zachlieberman

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The road to collaborative fashion design

Tonight at 6.30 PM EST Benedikta and Nora of are giving a talk in the “Networked Design” Series at Parsons, organized by the ASS Graphic Design department. The talk will be on “The road to collaborative fashion design." Don't miss it! If your not able to pass by? Watch the live stream of the event.

Find out more information here

BurdaStyle is a stylish open source community website with free fashion patterns, examples, and contests for people who sew. There is a very supportive member community and for inspiration be sure to see the member uploaded photos.

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Next Monday, I will be showing Martha Stewart, the mother of all craft, how to make a light up porcupine costume for her Halloween Petacular! Isaac Mizrahi is also on the show and he says "These costumes are so Paris couture like Alexander McQueen!"


You  can preview the show online here.

Monday, October 26th on NBC
Get your local show times on the Martha Stewart Site here.

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