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Spray-On Clothing. Good Idea. Horrible Name

What you see above is a new product called Fabrican, an aerosol based fabric spray. This technology allows for tiny particles or fibers to be airbrushed onto the body. Once dry, it can be pealed off, washed, and worn again once.

Fabrican is the techno-baby of Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial College and Paul Luckham, a professor of particle technology. They have been working on the product since 2003 and while it’s still in the prototyping phase, they’ve already procured patents in the US, Europe, and Asia. (Forbes)

In the beginning, Torres and Luckham milled down old fabrics and mixed the fibers with a polymer. They then added a solvent that would evaporate and dry before it hit a solid surface. The first prototypes were thin and fell a part in your hands, now the material has a feel more like suede.

If you can get past the horrible name, Fabrican can (no pun intended) change the way we use and interact with materials. It has many applications from pre-sterilized bandages to fashion.

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Exponential Future of Fashion Ignite Presentation

Clothes arrive from Alex and Eli

Alex and Eli sent a box of beautiful clothing for me to wear while I am here at Singularity University. The clothes are a perfect mix of comfort, style, and fun. I can look professional and never be boring. Check out their fall line on the Alex&Eli website and don't be surprised if you see their clothes popping up on some hip TV shows in the fall (shhh.... not telling who!)

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Keeping Cool at Singularity with Alex & Eli

 (Photography by Matt Rutherford)  

For the past three weeks, I've been feeling good and learning a lot. I've also been wearing awesome clothes by Alex & Eli. Everyday, I feel sexy and comfortable. Alex & Eli bring together a perfect mix of contemporary colors, classic tailoring, and natural fabrics. This is seriously the best label for creative and professional women who also want to have a little fun. In the pictures, I am wearing the summer collection, but I can't wait for the Fall. Check it out now on the official Alex & Eli website.

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Stilettos with Class and Quite a Bit of Flash

It's easy for candy-colored fiber optic fashions to come off as hokey and garish, but Francesca Castagnacci brings a touch of elegance with her techno-stilletos.

via: Inhabitat

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Fashion Made from Recycled Magnetic Tape

The London College of Fashion keeps putting out fashion super stars, the latest is designer Kai Yeung Yau. Yau's up-cycled fashions are daring works of art with geometric silhouettes, bold colors, and intricate detailing. Kai Yeung is among many designers embracing the recycling movement and using materials from abandoned technologies. (Source:inhabitat)

His thesis collection, named "A Woman Who Carried Three Generations," takes inspiration from the Hong-Kong housewives of the 60's and 70s. He loves the obvious and the kitch as you can see in his dress design, "RED A", created entirely out of plastic kitchenware, garden products, and housewares. See more in the video after the break:

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Katy Perry On Red Carpet in Illuminated Dress By Cute Circuit

Cute Circuit, a wearable technology company, has made the red carpet in style. Katy Perry wore a beautifully designed illuminated gown to the the Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4th. The dress has a colorful rotating pattern made from over 300 LED lights with an on-off switch hidden in the cleavage. Katy told InStyle that, “Fashion can be a little stuffy, so I wanted to lighten up.” Mission accomplished!

"Want more of those flashing lights? For a more dramatic disco effect, click the image below from JEZEBEL!"

Watch Katy Perry's Light-Up Dress In Action

(More images after the break)

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Project Runway Alum Leanne Marshall Does "Basic Math"


Fashion that's eco-friendly, based on a typeface named "Basic Math", and architecturally shaped - COME ON!! How can you not love that?



Via: ecouterre

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Find Inspiration at the Port Authority with Terracycle - Bao-Khang Luu

Terracycle, a company specializing in eco-friendly products, opened their Green Up Shop at the Port Authority in NYC. The products don’t incorporate circuits, sensors, or motorized parts, but they can provide you with some nifty ideas for upcycled materials and sustainable textiles. The creators of the products make sustainability look easy. Surely, you can step it up a notch and integrate some wearable tech!

Christina Liedtke's fabulous couture gown is made from M&M wrappers.

The pop up shop was supposed to end on May 1st, but it’s sticking around till May 21st. You’ll find vinyl billboard messenger bags, sustainable activewear, candy wrapper couture gowns, and a ton more upcycled stuff than you can shake a soldering iron at. Head over and grab some eye-opening inspiration. If you’re not in NYC, visit the Green Up Shop website (

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CO2 Monitoring Dress Made With E-Textile Brocaded Lace