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Fashion Technology

Stilettos with Class and Quite a Bit of Flash

It's easy for candy-colored fiber optic fashions to come off as hokey and garish, but Francesca Castagnacci brings a touch of elegance with her techno-stilletos.

via: Inhabitat

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3D Printed Legs for Amputees Rock!


After a full day of lectures and yoga I attended a talk by Scott Summit from I was wowed by the beautiful 3D printed prosthetics for amputees. The limbs are created by scanning a person's un-injured body part and then that data is used to print a highly personalized prosthetic limb. Talk about on-demand body parts! 

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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Christina Aguilera Edition

European Pop-Star, Safura, Lights Up the Stage in Video Dress

Safura, a rising star of the European music world, will take the stage tonight at the Eurovision Song Contest wearing CuteCircuit's video gown. The dress is designed to interpret the emotion of her hit song Drip Drop and was specifically made for Safura's Eurovision performance.

The song contest will be Live on the BBC and other national channels around Europe. You can also watch it on the internet on the Eurovision website, starting at 9pm (GMT +1).

via: CuteCircuit

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Short People Shoes Get a Lift

They may look like Frankenstein feet with ribbons, but I love these robotic elevator shoes by Adi Marom. Hurray for short people!

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Katy Perry On Red Carpet in Illuminated Dress By Cute Circuit

Cute Circuit, a wearable technology company, has made the red carpet in style. Katy Perry wore a beautifully designed illuminated gown to the the Costume Institute Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4th. The dress has a colorful rotating pattern made from over 300 LED lights with an on-off switch hidden in the cleavage. Katy told InStyle that, “Fashion can be a little stuffy, so I wanted to lighten up.” Mission accomplished!

"Want more of those flashing lights? For a more dramatic disco effect, click the image below from JEZEBEL!"

Watch Katy Perry's Light-Up Dress In Action

(More images after the break)

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CO2 Monitoring Dress Made With E-Textile Brocaded Lace

Interview: PING Hoodie Designer Jennifer Darmour

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Darmour of at SXSW and the Smart Fabrics Conference this year. She is the beauty and brains behind, a site that investigates the aesthetics and influence of garments that have electronics built directly into them.

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Tim Gunn's Fashion Critique of Female Comic Book Heroes

[Image from ComicMix.]

For all those with short attention spans, (like me), and want to get right to the Gunn - hang in there. I am going to try to make a point - I promise it will be short. If you just can't wait to see Tim Gunn, the video is after the break!

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WTF Moments in Fashion Tech History: Not Flavor Flav Edition


(Image source: Twitpic)

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