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Japanese Lighted Mirror: A Look at Cultural Misinterpretation and Misrepresentation

The "Actress Mirror," made by Train Corporation in Japan, has been recently introduced to the US market and sold in the Paul Smith retail. It is a compact mirror with 8 built-in LED lights, powered by a 12V battery housed inside the hinge of the mirror's clamshell. With that information, fashion tech DIYers like you probably can figure out how to make one yourself by procuring 8 LEDs rated around 1.5V and wiring them to a 12V power source (1.5V x 8 = 12V). But this post is not about making a lighted mirror. What I'm wondering is this:

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Kyeok Kim's Second Skin Jewelry

Jewelry designer Kyeok Kim plays with the relationship between ornamentation and the body, allowing colorful light to cascade over the skin or leaving impressions of text on the body.

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Find Out What Celebrities You Look Like

Face recognition and pop culture collide in this cool online software on MyHeritage. You can morph into your favorite celeb or see who you look like. (see below) If you want fairly accurate results, make sure you use a picture that has a clear front view of your face - or - use a fun pict for some hilarious celeb selections.


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Hi-Tech Beauty: A Love Story

Way beyond Pearl Cream
and Botox is a world of technology-inspired beauty products. From LEDs
to vibrating motors, these projects are finding their way to this
gadget girl heart.

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Moi for Me!

I am so excited, my lighted Moi just arrived in the mail and its
beautiful! A tiny dash of light is the perfect accent to any look and
Moi is just enough to arouse intrigue, but not overwhelm.

Moi, by Studio5050,
is a multifunctional accessory, it can be a hairpiece, necklace,
bracelet, or just hang round your purse strap as a design highlight. I
liked the amber, but the moi also comes in green or white.



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Smurf-tastic Lips!

Just when you thought there were no more beauty innovations to be made...mood lip gloss!

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