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Stay warm and keep in touch by iPod proofing your gloves this winter.

After our easy step-by-step DIY, you'll turn heads and turn up the tunes without one finger hitting the cold again. Take it from me, this is the easiest, cheapest, and coolest DIY project you can do for the Holidays! Make them for yourself, or they are a great gift for any of your hi-tech friends. We promise not to tell them how easy it was.

Photo by Heather Weston for Switch Craft 

Glove Materials:
A pair of your favorite gloves
- Needle (medium sized)
- Spool of conductive thread (purchased at Spark Fun or Lame' Saver)
- Fabric pen or marker

1. Put on your gloves

2. Mark the location of where your fingers touch your screen with the fabric pen or marker, this will be your center mark. 

3. Take off the gloves and thread your needle with conductive thread (tie a knot at the end) 

4. Using the dot as your center mark, sew about a 1/4" - 1/2" square with horizontal stitches. The size depends on the size of your finger. Pull the thread all the way through to the inside of the gloves. The trick is that the thread touches your fingers on the inside of your gloves when you have them on. 

5. Sew another square of vertical stitches on top of that one, tie it off, and cut the excess thread.

Illustration by Hiromi Sugi

6. Do this for every finger you want to be able to control your device and then your done! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!

+++ Love this idea and want more? Gadget Gloves are just one of the 20 projects in Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew . 


I'm a public librarian in upstate NY and several of my colleagues and I plan to hit the town with needle, conductive thread, and thimbles, hacking people's gloves and publicizing our text-a-librarian service. Do you have any preferences about how credit for this idea is assigned? (Would you rather we privilege the book, the blog, your name?). I'll send pictures to hello at iheartswitch in case you'd like documentation. This is fantastic. Thanks.

-mbackus [at] nopl [dot] org

Friday, October 22, 2010 - 13:03

Hi Leander, Alison is in SXSW, therefore please allow me to pinch-hit. These gloves are not available in store because we made them for our book Switch Craft (link above). The sewing pattern and instructions are in the book for people to DIY.

You are right about them looking like cycling gloves. That and the classic driving gloves were our inspiration. I've been wanting to write a post about fashionable biking outfits but haven't collected enough *good* examples yet. If you (and anyone reading this) happen to know some, please pass them our way. Thanks.


Friday, March 19, 2010 - 08:17


what are the cool gloves in the photo? they look like cycling gloves, but i've never seen the design before.

leander kahney (leander at cultofmac)

Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 17:51

Thanks for your comment. Even though the conduct thread does contain metal (often silver plated), it is soft just like the regular thread. We never have any scratch problem.


Monday, October 26, 2009 - 20:58

wouldnt the thread scratch the screen???

otherwise thats a really good idea =)

Monday, October 26, 2009 - 07:10