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Snuggie goes geek! Becky Stern's Cozy Creations Good/Bad?

According to their maker, Becky Stern, these designs are called Body-Technology Interfaces and they are created for “privacy, warmth, and concentration in public spaces.” I understand that these designs are supposed to be funny commentary on how our computer devices are taking over our lives. I'm just not sure if these cozy techno-covers are a serious DIY project for the geek on the go, or if they would be better displayed in a WTF (What The Frank) technology post. I leave it for you to decide.


You can see more on Becky's site, or make one on Intructables

Via: bitrebels


I didn't know there was a burgeoning DIY knitting techno bdsm movement... guess there's a group for everyone within 3 clicks now.

Really though, it does remind me of something out of Warren Ellis' "Crooked Little Vein"


Monday, April 26, 2010 - 19:31