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Smart Fabrics 2010 - Fabric Tilt Sensor

Hi Kittens!  I am getting ready for the Smart Fabrics Conference where I am holding a workshop in DIY electronic craft. This is a big event and I have not had time to post. Hopefully this DIY and video of the tilt/touch switch that I made for the workshop will keep you from having Switch withdrawal.

Here is how it works: The string of beads in the middle has a conductive bead on the end. This bead carries the power and as it turns and moves on the conductive fabric pieces the corresponding LEDs light up. Simple but powerful! What can you make with this idea? 


  • conductive fabric
  • LED Sequins
  • regular craft beads
  • conductive thread
  • 3V battery holder
  • one large silver bead.

NOTE: In the video I had small silver beads and they didn't work too well, I added the larger one later.


Fabric Tilt Switch from iHeartSwitch on Vimeo.

All of the conductive fabric pieces are appliquéd onto regular fabric. A stitch of conductive thread is sewn from the (-) of the battery holder around the outside of the shape and connects to (-) on each LED bead. The (+) side of the bead is sewn with conductive thread to the closest conductive patch. I drew a quick sketch. What you can’t tell from the drawing is that the (+) thread goes behind the fabric and DOES NOT TOUCH the (-) CONNECTIONS.  

I am sending a BIG THANKS to How To Get What You Want for the inspiration for this project! Check out all the amazing handmade electronic sensors and projects on their site here: 

Above: How To Get What You Want's Tilt Sensor