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Smart Fabrics 2010

This year I am honored to be presenting a workshop and talk at the Smart Fabrics conference in Miami, FL. Smart Fabrics is THE premier event for everyone interested in applications, marketing, design, development, curation, and manufacturing of smart or advanced textiles. Smart fabrics are textiles that are woven or embedded with advanced properties. Examples are sports bras that can detect your heart rate, solar energy gathering pants, and soft switches for controlling your MP3 player from your jacket. There are many more amazing sci-fi sounding applications being developed, who says we have to wait for the future? It seems to me the future is now. 

Smart Fabrics 2010

April 14 - 16 in Miami, Florida

Conrad Miami Hotel

Register Here

Here are some of the super stars attending this year: 

Despina Papadopoulos, Designer and Founder, Studio 5050

Angel Chang, Fashion Designer

Prof Sandy Black, Director Centre for
Fashion Science, London College of Fashion

Danilo de Rossi, University of Pisa and Dr Liesbeth van Pieterson, Philips Research

Joanna Berzowska, Founder and Research director of XS Labs

Innovation Textiles


Images via: jumpthecurve , styleskilling, CodeLive 2010