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Welcome to Singular Blonde! This is the documentation site of my adventures through the exclusive NASA and Google supported Singularity University (SU). Read and watch as I explore exponentially growing technologies, work with brilliant minds and thought leaders of our time, learn about the grand challenges the world faces today, attend hands-on workshops, and go on excursions to leading Silicon Valley labs and companies. If you like the project please support it my donating to the Singular Blonde GoFundMe site. 

"GiT (Girls in Tech) is pleased to support Alison’s efforts and the spirit of women in technology at singularity. Through programs like Tech U, Gi Mentorship, and our citizen journalism/video pilots, GiT and Alison are celebrating the achievements of the entrepreneurial and technical woman. Women like Alison inspire, celebrate and empower the women influencers of tomorrow and show the diversity of our technical community."