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Singular Blonde: Arriving at Singularity University


Above is my weekly SU Calendar

I have arrived at Singularity University only to find that documenting the experience is going to be a challenge, we are intensly working or learning almost every hour of the day and have meetings at night until the wee hours. But, what is life without challenge, right? It may take a bit longer to get the video out than I like, but luckily Girls In Tech and Jackie They have come to the rescue and are helping me get the video out to you. There will be  the video on iHeartSwitch and on GIT by the end of the week. In the meantime and even after, be sure your staying up to date in real-time by following me on Twitter. My Twitter handle is SwitchGirl.

The enthusiasm is very high and everyone is warm and open to new ideas and perspectives. This energy and knowledge has created a gift-economy and we are all sharing our knowledge through collaborative note taking, document sharing, and a SU networking site. This also means there are tons of photos and videos. One student pointed out that "if we took all our informational links, notes, and content from the entire summer and upload it to one document, we would end up with an encyclopedia of knowledge miles long."

This week we are being introduced to the team project topics which are the worlds grand challenges that we need to solve in the next 10 years. We call these the 10^9 Team Projects, they are: 


  • Sustainable Water Assets: Holistic alternatives to capital-intensive infrastructures
  • Food for Cities: Opportunities in controlled-environment agriculture and vertical farming
  • Home Energy Use: Off-the-grid, stand-alone, carbon-neutral, residential energy systems
  • To Boldly Stay: Extending humanity into the solar system
  • Upcycle:Waste reduction and reprocessing into useful products 


You can read about them in detail on the SU Graduate Studies Program webpage.  




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