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Review: Memory Foam ISIS Laptop Sleeve

My plastic snap-on laptop cover broke and I found myself in need of a new one. I came upon the ISIS collection, a design driven laptop and technology accessory company who makes their sleeves with memory foam. I usually go with the sleek plastic covers because they fit into a tight space and slide in and out of my bag easily, but as a lover of textiles, I really wanted a fabric sleeve and the ISIS is an excellent choice. I picked the Isis Dei Goldfish 15.4" Memory Foam Laptop Sleeve to go with my new Minx Gold Nails.  Below, you can see the  photos of my transition from the hard case to the ISIS sleeve. I think it's much more fashionable, don't you? 


Because the sleeve is made with memory foam, the stuff in tempur pedic mattresses, it fits really snug. This tight fit along with a sleek fabric cover allows me to slide it in and out of my bag or carry-on luggage with ease and without taking up too much space. I’ve been carrying it for a few weeks while I travel and can honestly say it’s a fashionable accessory and quality laptop sleeve. I've been stopped a few times at a coffee shop when I had it out, and saw people eyeing the cover at the last conference I attended. On the way back from Miami yesterday, I sat next to the Apple regional sales representative on the plane was sure to show him the design. While there are some cons (see below), overall this one is a keeper.

Here’s the scoop:


  • Fashion: 10 gorgeous designs to choose from that fit a multitude of lifestyles for both men and women
  • Design: Elastic straps to hold your screen as you work or type, so you can keep the cover on all the time. Also, the bottom of the case allows for all your ports to be accessible while you work. 
  • Construction: Quality hardware and construction so your laptop looks good and will hold together over time.
  • Fit: The memory foam makes a nice snug fit that also protects your precious laptop. Neoprene or regular fabric covers loosen over time and rarely are able to keep their shape.
  • Stow-a-bility: The product is easy to slide in and out of your bag. This is a big plus for me, as the foam or neoprene covers tend to stick to the edges of things as you try to put them away.
  • Protection: The memory foam and construction make sure my laptop is definitely is protected
    from the every day dings and scratches as I carry it around.
  • Extras: With each purchase you help fight world poverty. Every month ISIS donates a portion of their sales to the non-profit organization Deseret International.
  • Extras: You can purchase a colored keyboard cover to match your cover design or get a different accessory cover depending on your needs. ISIS makes a line of bags, iPod
    covers, and keyboard covers with the same attention to detail.


  • Design: There are only two straps for your screen, but I’d like to see some to hold the keyboard in as well. I found my laptop could slip out easily if I wasn't on a stable surface.
  • Design: Sometimes it is hard to zip the case closed because it fits so snug, this can be a pain if you are in a rush.
  • As with all sleeve designs, you have to take it out of the sleeve in order to go through airport security. See above.
  • Protection: I didn’t go slamming my laptop into anything or dropping it on purpose, so I don’t know how well the memory foam protects it from impact.


Gold koi scales tightly wrap the Goldfish memory foam sleeve. The sleeve's interior is inlayed with fine black velor and will be outfitted with custom molded, golden steel, zipper tabs tailored specifically for the "Goldfish" model. The zipper is designed so that one side is wider than the other allowing all ports to be accessible while operating the laptop. This new engineering also provides better heat dissipation. Another new feature of the Goldfish is the sleeve's interior screen straps designed to ensure the sleeve will stay securely on your the back of your monitor.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - 07:09