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Partying with DaniWeb and Thoughts on Sharing My Life

Me and Eyal Akler, PR Director & Editor-in-Chief DaniWeb 

Snuggling up to DaniWeb's Founder, Dani Horowitz

On Wednesday, Girls In Tech invited me to talk about the Singular Blonde project at the "Dinner with Dani" party, thrown by the oh so brilliant and adorable Dani Horowitz of DaniWeb. We all geeked out with cute black frames, danced, drank, and talked about what's going on with the web. There was buzz about online video streaming, improving your personal brand, designing easy to use websites, and a million other topics of programming geekery. 

As I chatted with a Microsoft Evangelist (yup, that's a real title), about video content on the web, I expressed my concern about personal transparency. I am not worried about literally becoming transparent, of course, but questioning how much of my life I want to share with the world over the summer as I document my experience. 

Dani, me, and Tommy Jenkins (Chief Operating Officer of GIT and Executive Director of GIT NYC) 

Usually, I keep my personal life personal. Especially on the blog. However, when documenting for Singular Blonde, there is no way to avoid what is going on with friends, family, and how I am doing emotionally. 

The Evangelist told me that what matters is the story and if what is happening in my personal life is relevant to the story, then I should share it. At the same time, I will have to decide what I am comfortable divulging about myself and loved ones and be sure not to cross that line. Lastly, he suggested I blog about my feelings and ask readers how they feel about this transparency issue? 

I assume most people will want to know what I am studying, some insight on the technologies I see, and the factories I visit. But, do you all want to know about a tryst or argument with my boyfriend? if my mother has left the country? Do you want to see my huge To-Do list before I leave? Do you need details of how I am coping emotionally with no sleep and 16 hours of work and study? What would you share if you were going to be going to Singularity University this summer? 

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!