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Nanoscopic Sewing

I am not going to pretend that I know anything about nanotechnology. Nonetheless, I found this report on The Economist regarding how scientists are using nanoscopic needle to stitch carbon-fiber layers together quite fascinating. Sewers may want to give it a read:

"Carbon nanotubes, which are just billionths of a metre across, seemed the perfect needle. Because these tubes are a thousandth of the diameter of carbon fibres, they can slip into the microscopic spaces between them. ... Dr Wardle and his colleagues started exploring the interactions between carbon nanotubes and polymer glues. ... Because the nanotubes drew glue into themselves, they could be used as both needles and threads."

Pretty interesting isn't it? If you are ready for more, check out Prof. John Hart's "Nanotube Architectures." He's known for growing nanotubes into fun looking structures, as you can see in the images above. A landscape designer in the nano-land if you will.

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