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MIDI Controller Jackets Joystick Hoodies

Machina, a menswear clothing brand from Mexico, has a number of high tech and high designs for the modern male. I had an opportunity to inspect this product up close this past summer and have been very impressed. These are some of the best made wearable technology designs I've seen. Machina has spared no expense in creating products with quality craftsmanship and unique style that is equal parts fashion and function. 

The Jacket v01 is made with industrial grade materials that are completely waterproof. The Jacket is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) that allows you to trigger and alter tones by moving your fingers accross the three sliders on the front of the vest. You can also affect the speed of a beat or sample by moving your arm and the accelerometer in the sleeve. Perfect for the modern DJ or digital artist. 

There is also a cool space hoodie and color changing t-shirts. A close look reveals solid stitching and a complex construction that drapes well. You can find all these designs and more on their kickstarter campaign here: Midi Controller Jacket v01