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Make your own Electro Puff from IFM

Video and Image copyright of International Fashion Machines
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Maggie Orth, the pioneer of integrating electronics into  fashions, and textiles, has a fluffy dimmer that you can make yourself. It is called the ElectroPUFF™ Craft Kit  and, as she says “it’s a soft whimsical pompom that controls any incandescent table lamp.” Say bye bye having to pull a tab or find the knob on your lamp, now all you will have to do is reach grab this soft cuddly pompom.

These cute little kits are made with conductive yarns and recycled carpet fibers and sell for $29.00 at her International Fashion Machines website.We made one to use with our Dreamy Lighted Wall Art project and we put step by step instructions on how you can make it yourself!

[The ElectroPUFF™ is a copyright of International Fashion Machines, all images of the ElectroPuff were approved by IFM to be presented on and are not to be distributed without the concent of IFM.] 

• scissors
• craft glue
• dryer


1.  Start by making the sensor dot. Pull the knot in the sensor dot yarn through the center of the pompom maker. The knot should sit just outside the outer edge of the pompom maker. The knot will be cut off later.

2.Holding the knot, wrap the rest of the yarn by bringing it through the center and around the outside of the pompom maker.

3.Wrap it around 4 more times, each time building on top of the previous wrap.  Cut any excess yarn, leaving an inch for the tail. Hold the tail with the knot.

[HINT: Each wrap should be tight, but not so tight that the pompom maker bends or folds over.]

4. While holding the sensor dot yarn in place, take the sensor ring yarn and pull the knot through the center of the pompom maker, as you did in step 1.

5. Wrap the ring yarn around the pompom maker as you did in step 2. Try to wrap the sensor ring yarn completely over the sensor dot yarn (including the knot and excess) so you can’t see the sensor dot yarn anymore. Complete ten wraps and trim excess.

6. Take the main puff yarn and pull the end with the colored tie (pink in this case) through the center of the pompom maker so it has a short tail about 1.5”. Start to the right of your sensor dot and sensor ring yarn as shown.

7. Wrap the yarn around the ring to the right of the tail and pull the bundle through the center of the pompom maker. When done, place a thin line of hot glue in between the layers of yarn as shown.

8.Now, wrap the yarn around the pompom maker to the left of the tail and pull the bundle through the center. Place another small dollop of glue on the inside yarn.

9. Continue wrapping the yarn bundle around the pompom maker, slightly rotating each time, and gluing between each wrap. Do this until you use all of the yarn or you cannot simply get it through the center space. Make sure your wraps are tight and keep the yarn bundle from tangling. Toward the end, you may have to push the yarn through the center of the pompom maker.

10. Using the pompom maker as a guide, carefully cut all the way around the outside edge. Do not pull any yarn. Check to make sure you have cut all of the loops made around the pompom maker. There should not be any yarn left wrapping around the pompom maker.

11. Slip the conductive tether in along one side of the pompom maker. Tie a double knot around the center of the yarn bundle as tight as possible. Then, carefully remove the pompom maker off of the yarn by pulling it away from the conductive tether. A few loose yarns may naturally fall out of the bundle, but do not pull yarns loose form the bundle.

12. Being sure to NOT cut the conductive tether, hold the conductive yarn tether separately, trim the elecroPUFF with sharp scissors to sculpt it into a rough sphere.

13. Toss the electroPUFF between your hands and trim again. Do this a few times. Tumble dry the electroPUFF on high heat for 1-2 hours or more depending upon how compact you want your puff to be. Adding 4-5 pairs of socks will help. Do not tumble with wet garments. Lightly trim between cycles. After completely done, shape straggle yarn to form into a sphere.

14. Locate the conductive tether. Thread the tether through the embroidery needle and pierce it through the electroPUFF’s body. The conductive tether should extend out of one end of the electroPUFF.

15.Create a small loop with the exposed wire. Open up a small space in the electroPUFF around the conductive tether. Tie the two threads in a double knot around the loop as close to the center as possible. The exposed wire should be hidden by the main part of the puff.

16. Pressing the tip of your glue gun deep into the electroPUFF, squeeze out a large dollop of glue on the wire and conductive tether joint. Avoid getting glue on the exterior, as it will dry hard. Close the space between the yarn and let dry.

17. Connect plug to wire, test and enjoy!