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Make Your Own EA SPORTS Active Resistance Band

[Post updated] Here at Switch we are very into the convergence of lifestyle and technology (not that you haven't noticed). One trend that we found very encouraging is the technology-assisted fitness programs. Inventions such as Nike+, Wii Fit, and Equinox MyEq are all great examples of what can be done in this space.

The latest success story is a Wii exercise "game" called EA SPORTS Active (video embedded below). While it can't replace a real personal trainer, it may be the next best thing for people who don't have the moolah to hire one or find the gym mind-numbingly boring. No wonder it managed to sell over 600k copies in less than two weeks and shows no sign of slowing down.


One accessory included in EA SPORTS Active is a resistance band for upper body workout. It is, however, disappointingly weak. You may want to replace it with something stronger. Also, if you'd like to exercise with a friend or family member, an extra resistance band is needed. Although there is an official Multiplayer Pack available, it is of dubious value. Why not making it yourself? It'd take only a few minutes, and you'll be able to customize your own resistance strength. You'll need:

  • An exercise band, resistance level of your choice (different colors denote different strengths); you should be able to find it in your local fitness equipment stores or buy online; consider purchasing a multi pack to save money and give yourself some room to grow
  • Two 1" wide webbings, 21" long each, color of your choice, must be durable
  • Heavy duty thread, color of your choice
  • [Optional] Two pieces of felt, 1"x8" each, color of your choice, should be soft and comfortable

Follow these steps:

  1. Lay the webbing on a flat service. Wrong side up. (Although webbing has no real wrong side per se, simply designate one to be the inner side.)
  2. [Optional] If you'd like a more comfortable grip, sew the felt piece to position A.
  3. Fold the left end of webbing to the right along line B.
  4. Fold the right end of the webbing to the left along line C.
  5. Use a sewing machine to double, even triple, stitch along line D. Make it strong and secure.
  6. Do the same along line E. Now you have one new handle loop.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 to make the second handle loop.
  8. Follow EA's instructions to knot the exercise band together with the handle loops.

That's it! Check out the following EA video for extra tips on resistance band and enjoy your workouts. We will tackle another EA SPORTS Active accessory, the leg strap, next time. Update: The EA SPORTS Active leg strap replacement post is up. Learn how to sew a nunchuk pocket to your workout pants and say goodbye to the leg strap.


(Image and video sources: IGN and EA)