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Make TV

Earlier this month, Make Magazine launched Make TV, 'a DIY series for a new generation', which takes reference from resources like YouTube and Instructables to create informative episodes on upcycling, recycling, creating and making things. I got a chance to preview some of the content and I picked out three of my favorites. I've also included links so you can watch them as well.

The Resistor  

If the range of colors on a circuit board have ever peaked your interest, this video is a must see. Besides decoding what each band on a resistor means, the strangely cute, Billy Corgan/Jack White/mad scientist hybrid host explains everything in such a way that you won’t have to have your “Intro to Electrical Engineering Jargon” book on hand to understand it. He even shows you how to make your own resistor using a 2B lead pencil and a piece of paper.


Sparkle Labs Electronic Kit

My initial reaction to this video ,“I need that”,  was quickly replaced by “EVERYBODY needs that”. In this video, we are introduced to the Sparkle Labs Electronic Kit, which is a non-intimidating, colorful, fun, DIY beginners guide and kit that teaches you the basics of electronics. Everything is labeled and comes inside, so you don’t have to spend hours sorting through an electronics catalog. Follow the friendly illustrated directions and you can wire some LED’s together to make a night light or make a noise maker or Theremin using photo resistors! Two minutes ago I would have no idea what that even meant.


Mini Monsters at Maker Faire Austin

If you’ve ever spent more than $5 on a stuffed toy for your dog or cat, this video is for you. Using a simple pattern, some funky fabric and some common sewing supplies, you can make your little monster a little monster in under 10 minutes flat! Craft writer and diva, Rachel Hobson, demonstrates the process using the Mini Monster Kit, available in the Maker Shed; but you can always use some scraps laying around from an old project to whip out one of these bad boys, they are monsters after all.




Broadcast listings for Make TV  can be found here: