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Luxury Mobile Phones for the Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle

Yet another luxury phone is coming to market. The Italian fashion house Versace plans to introduce its first in a line of mobile phones to the public in May. The phone will cost around $5,000 and according to their press release, will be crafted to the client’s expectations with the highest quality of materials such as leather. (ZDNet) Designed in collaboration with with ModeLabs, who creates tailor-made handsets for brands like Tag Haur and Dior, Versace follows in the heels of luxury branded mobile phones from Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Armani.

Luxury phones, such as these, are in high demand in Asia, Russia, and the Middle East, but honestly this launch just feels like hype. I guess if you have billions of dollars it makes sense to have a phone that represents your status and lifestyle, but I think telecom companies and manufacturers can do better than flashing up the exterior with leather and ice.

Of all the luxury phones on the market so far, Prada and LG win the golden ticket.Prada’s newest phone is sleek and small with a modern-looking Bluetooth enabled watch with a ring/vibration option that allows you to see or refuse incoming calls and texts. The phone itself has number of interesting design features such as a touch screen AND pull out keypad (Apple are you listening?), SD Card Slot, 5-megapixel camera on the front and back, 3G, Wi-Fi, 60MB of internal memory, FM radio, TV out, full HTML browser, and a 3D enabled interface.

The bejeweled Dior phone, by ModeLabs, uses a similar Bluetooth technology - the myDior, a mini phone that connects to your phone hooking onto your bag or garment, but it lacks a sophisticated wearability. Last and least impressive, are the Dolce & Gabbana and Armani phones. Dolce & Gabbana collaborated with Sony on what looks like a flashier smartphone with a mirror. Its only really impressive feature being geo-tagging (tagging your photos with location information) but on the iPhone, there is an app for that. While Samsung’s Armani mobile is a gold smartphone with GPS. Forgive me if I can't stifle a yawn.

What will make the Versace phone different? No one knows, yet. Versace plans to premier the phone to select clients at an invitation-only, private showing, in the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris next week. With this much hype and cabbage behind it, I am hoping for something spectacular, however, I am not holding my breath.

For those who do want a cell phone full of flash and sparkle, I say get the best. Jeweler Tiffany & Co. has a handset decorated with 400 diamonds and Vertu, the phone that started all this luxury hype, is now available incrusted in pink and white diamonds. (Endgadget

FINALLY, if you still can't give up your iPhone,  jeweler Peter Aloisson can help you out with the 3G "Kings Button" version. And if the screen dies on this one, you can at least make a belt buckle out of it.