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Love Chocolate? Take a Whif!

I've been waiting for technology to really indulge in something culinary, and now its here. "LeWhif" is a chocolate inhaler that combines chocolate and aerosol so you can suck in all sinful delights with zero calories! 

Ok, I'll admit, I thought this product was a joke when I first heard about it, but seems like it's for real. If it is not real, then I am properly duped.

LeWhif is released in conjunction with a book entitled Wiff by David Edwards. The book is derived an experiment done at Le Laboratorie by chef Thierry Marx and scientist Jérôme Bibette who found a new way to encapsulate flavors.

Edwards, a Harvard professor, worked with his students at Le Laboratorie to create a way of eating by aerosol, called whiffing. Along with the narratives about dreams and how we realize our dreams, the book contains the first “whiffing” recipes. 

Le Whif is available online, and comes in a box (24-count) for 40€. 

Via: Cool Hunting