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Kyeok Kim's Second Skin Jewelry

Jewelry designer Kyeok Kim plays with the relationship between ornamentation and the body, allowing colorful light to cascade over the skin or leaving impressions of text on the body.

In the "Aurora" collection of light up jewelry the products were made to "reinterpret the meaning of ornamentation on the body by projecting various patterns of light on the wearer. The end result resembles a sort of light-up tattoo. But there's more; the light is controlled by magnets contained in a corresponding ring, so when the geographical relationship between the two pieces of jewelry changes, so does the pattern.

While the “Like Your Voice” jewelry are designed to play with our emotions and memory by literally leaving a poetic impression on the skin. The ring says “one day in April” and the bracelet says “in the rain, sounds like a cello…in the sunbeams, sounds like a piano … like your voice

Source : Crave (CNET)


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