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Just Freaking Magic

In this episode Alison talks to JF Magic Founder Lee Wainwright about light up clothing and textiles and how he formed JF Magic. In the interview they discover shoes that light up with your every step, skirts that make kissy faces, purses that light up when your cell phone rings and much more.

JF Magic was founded by, Lee Wainwright, who while teaching Secondary School Science, began innovative product designs for various uses of fiber optics and LED technologies. Seven patents later, he has clients like Disney, Nike, and Sony, and stars like Brittany Spears and Robin Williams wearing his cool light up custom clothing.
JF magic uses LED technology which is rapidly changing the way we see things.

LEDs or Light emitting diodes:

• give off almost no heat
• consume a fraction of the electricity
• exhibit magnitudes the lifespan of conventional lighting

At JF Magic they combine LEDs with fiber optics and fabrics as well as other technologies. They can also help you prototype and design your own projects because they have access to manufacturing in the US and in China. "

Watch Part 1 Interview Quicktime | Windows (5 Min, 10M)

Watch Part 2 InterviewQuicktime | Windows (5 Min, 10M)
Watch Part 3 and go inside the factory Quicktime | Windows (8 Min, 15M)

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