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Holiday Beauty Rejuvenation Series I - Start Clean!

Need a clean slate? Let a gentle motorized cleansing brush remove the left over remnants of Halloween makeup for bright healthy looking skin. The rotating bristles are supple and bring benefits way beyond just clean skin. After repeated use, users reported marked improvement in skin tone and texture, fewer blackheads, and reduced pore size.

The brushes can cause slight irritation for those with sensitive skin and around the eye area. But don't worry - if you have delicate skin, you can use a powered brush once a day instead of the recommended twice a day and still get excellent results.** 

The two major cleansing brush options on the market are Clarisonic and Pretika.

The Clarisonic Skin Care System, designed by the same company who brought you the sonic toothbrush, is by far the best selling brand on the market. Even at a hefty price tag of $200, it was one of Sephora’s best sellers last year, has one numerous awards, and has a following of women who swear by its bristles. If you can afford it, purchase the sweet Pink Limited Edition with 50% of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.

The Pretika Sonic Facial Brush is a low cost copycat of the Clarisonic with a few drawbacks. The speed of the brush is slower, the bristles are a bit stiffer than Clearisonic, and you do not have the option of purchasing different brush heads. However, the Pretika has good reviews, and is is recession friendly at $49.

**If you have cystic acne or open lesions – this cleansing treatment is not for you. It may aggravate your acne. Please talk to your dermatologist before trying this method.

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