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Hi-Tech Beauty: A Love Story

Way beyond Pearl Cream
and Botox is a world of technology-inspired beauty products. From LEDs
to vibrating motors, these projects are finding their way to this
gadget girl heart.

LED Acne Treatments:
Working in the marketing side of the beauty industry, I hear a lot of talk about the new hi-tech beauty products.
I'm often skeptical about their usefulness and effectiveness. Short of trying every product for myself, the best I can do is my due-diligence on research. I was really surprised with what I found out about LED acne treatments.

LED skin treatments are different from other topical treatments in that it will not cause irritation or flaky skin. The British Journal of Dermatology as well NASA have done clinical studies of LED phototherapy. It seems to have been proven to be a safe and effective way of improving your skin's appearance--it's even been FDA approved! Dermatologists now are combining red and blue light therapies, and are telling clients they can use this treatment on a daily basis. On a science level, there is a specific blue-light frequency that will kill Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, which causes mild or moderate acne breakouts. There is also a specific red-light frequency that will help in skin
regeneration, and aid in healing.

The Tanda Regenerate is a
414nm blue LED light treatment. And while blue light therapy has been
used by skin care professionals for years as an acne treatment, Tanda
has made this hi-tech solution, (combining red and blue light therapies
with topical ointments), available in-home for the not-so-low price of
$295 – Well, maybe it is a low price considering how much a
dermatologist can cost these days!. There are, of course, cheaper
options: sciART has a few sets starting in the low $100 range and DermaStyle
has a super-portable, re-chargeable system for $149. Most of these
therapies do not yet have FDA approval, so make sure to do your

Who knew that the same LED's has encouraged us to make fashion accessories out of have the power to bring us more beautiful,
radiant, and younger looking skin!