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Off-Grid Lighting: From the IKEA Catalog to African Households

IKEA has been showing LED love lately by introducing many products based on the technology. LEDs are great for DIYers who need cheap, safe, and low powered light source. For instance, we used the IKEA Dioder lighting strip in our Dreamy Lighted Wall Art.

Now IKEA are also selling solar-powered LED lamps. Like other solar cell based products, a small solar panel transforms sunlight into electricity and stores the energy in rechargeable batteries. Since this is IKEA, you know the prices are low ($14.99-$19.99); so feel free to pick some up for all your outdoor luau fun.

For us living in industrialized countries, domestic technologies such as these LED lamps are often judged mainly for their aesthetic or entertainment value. But in many parts of the world, they may make tremendous differences in basic quality of life. We think the off-grid lighting products' coming-of-age signifies advances made in green technology. And hopefully with lowered manufacturing cost of solar cell lamps, organizations such as Lighting Africa and Light Up The World Foundation can bring more lights to Africa and other developing countries where electricity is still out of reach for estimated 1.6 billion people. One can dream...

Via: MoCo Loco