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Getting Scanned Into the Virtual World on the Cheap

Andy Barry who runs the innovations lab here at Singularity University is working on an amazing 3D scanner that you can build with easily found parts. He is developing a kit. Watch the video below as I get scanned into cyberspace with his homemade gadget costing less than $400.

When I was scanned, all I could think about was the TV Series, Caprica, where people's images are scanned into the computer and they hook up to the computer and play in the virtual world. 

What do you think it would be like to see your exact image wondering around the virtual space? Could people replicate your image and be you? How would you control the rights to your image? If you controlled it, would you do things you've never done before because it is just a replica of your outer self and not actually your soul? What happens if we download data to this 3D virtual self from our own brains?

This may all sound far fetched, but it only takes a few technologies to grow and become cheaper for this scenario to become a reality. Today, for example, the majority of 3D scanners are professional and can range in cost from $1.6K to $9K. However, as seen in the video above, cheaper options are coming soon.