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VIDEO: What Will the Fashion Industry Look Like in 2025?

According to the Forum of the Future, (FOTF) "The global fashion industry generates over a trillion dollars a year. So what we wear - and how it's made and sold - can have a huge positive impact on our society and environment."

To get the fashion industry thinking more about their global impact, Forum of the Future collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co. and made a call for change by a report that holds "Four vivid scenarios to explore how climate change, resource shortages, population growth and other factors will shape the world of 2025 as well as the future of the fashion industry within it." These scenarios are also brought to life in  two-minute animations that I've posted below.

FOTF has also published some workshop materials and posted them on their website with advice on how to use the scenarios to shape strategy, push for sustainable design and innovation and generate the skills needed for a sustainable industry.

Slow is Beautiful from Alex Johnson on Vimeo.

Community Couture from Alex Johnson on Vimeo.

Techno-Chic from Alex Johnson on Vimeo.

Patchwork Planet from Alex Johnson on Vimeo.


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