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Dreamy Lighted Wall Art

We were inspired by Jake the pug's love for socks. What do you dream of? Let everyone know with this beautiful color changing wall decoration. Simple in design, it is the perfect way to warm up your home with a personal touch.

Dioder, available at IKEA (
Stretcher bars (choose the size you want, ours are from Ikea )
3" deep frame for framing your work (important for good lighting)
Study surface for back panel same size as your frame (wood, plastic, foam core etc)
Poly/Cotton blend white fabric (must allow light through it)
Dark colored fabric paint and sponges
Double-sided mounting tape
Wire Ties
Matte cardstock printer paper (the size of your stencil)
Spray Adhesive  (aerosol can)
Access to photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop & the image you want to stencil out
2 screws and wire for hanging

X-Acto knife
Staple gun and staples
Drill and ½” bit (if using wood or plastic for the back panel)



Make the stencil:

Here’s a link with some similar directions and screenshots:
TIP: Choose an image that has a good amount of contrast in it.
1.    Open the file in a photo editor, we used Photoshop, and crop to the specific area that you would like to focus on.
2.    Use the pen tool to make a selection around the outline of the subject and invert the selection. Delete the area surrounding the subject.
3.    Desaturate the image by choosing Image>Adjustments>Desaturate
4.    Adjust the Brightness and Contrast, Image>Adjustments> Brightness and Contrast
5.    Posterize the image down to 2 levels by going to Image>Adjustments>Posterize and choosing 2 on the levels slide bar.
6.    Adjust the Sharpness of the image by going to Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen
7.    Print it out on cardstock
8.    Cut out the black part of your stencil very carefully with an x-acto knife, leaving the white area untouched. It is best when you can remove the black area in one whole piece.

Prepare and Stencil the Art:

9.    Stretch the white fabric over frame and secure with a staple gun. If you aren’t familiar with stretching fabric over a frame or you just need to refresh, check out this link for a great tutorial from How About Orange: How to make fabric panel wall art
10. Before sponging the paint onto thefabric, do a few tests on a scrap piece. Also test for missed spots bylighting the back of your sample with the dioders.
11. Using the spray adhesive, coat the back side of the stencil being sure to get all the edges and lay it down onto the fabric.
12. Sponge on your paint using your sponging brush. The spongingmovement should be steady and deliberate. Then let it stand in awell-ventilated area (outdoors is best) for about 15 minutes or untilthe paint looks dry. Do not remove before the paint dries.
13.    Set your fabric art inside your frame.

14. Cover the interior side of the back panel with tinfoil. Apply it with the spray adhesive and smooth it out.
15.    Drill a 1" hole in the back panel for the power cord and switch to come out.

Prepare the Lights:

16.    Center the dioder lights on the interior back edge of each side of the frame with double sided mounting tape. The wires can be long, so wrap them up and secure them with wire ties to the interior edge of the frame.
17.    Follow the directions that come with the dioder on how to plug them all in and set the lighting preferences.

18. Attach the back panel to the frame with small wood nails or staples. Make sure your switch and power cord hang out through the hole at the bottom of your image.
19. Use the screws and wire to hang the frame, if you need help, consult this link ( which provides easy to read instructions with photos.
20. Plug in and enjoy!