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CES 2008: The Lost Videos

As most have you may have noticed there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes at Switch, from hosting Myhome 2.0 to the publication of our first book Switchcraft. Piled on top of that, I packed up from New York City and moved to Philadelphia. Similar to most moves a few things were misplaced; however, like the 20 dollar bill you find in your jeans things can also magically show back up. Recently, while unpacking one of my boxes in the basement I came across a couple of videos from CES!!!

Though the year is more than 1/2 way gone, and CES is already planning its 2009 event, and its never too late for the fun of consumer electronics.

In segment 1 we speek with the gurus of Rhapsody, Stuart Reed of SplashPower, and rode a motorized Ice Chest.

In segment 2 we put on the TN Games air powered gaming vest, talked with girl gamer PMSHarlequin, and checked out the Entropia Universe is all about. We apologize in advance that the audio is a little rusty, but listen up there is some great stuff to be found.



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