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Canadians Make Beautiful Woven Textile Displays

Wow, not only did Canada kick our butts on the ice, they are doing it in Fashion Technology too. Don’t believe me, take a look at these gorgeous lighted fabrics and this dress from Karma Chameleon.

Karma Chameleon is a design and technology collaboration between Joanna Berzowska of XSLabs and Maksim Skorobogatiy of the Advanced Photonic Structures Group. Their goal is to create interactive textiles with a minimal invasive impact.

These are images of Photonic materials woven into patterns and fabrics. Photonics means “The technology of transmission, control, and detection of light (photons).”  A good example of this can be found in nature, Opals for instance have a natural photonic structure which give them unique iridescent colors. When used in textiles, as we see here, you get a marvelous iridescent rainbow of color.

Oh Canada! It may be cold in the north, but they sure know how to light up them textiles. There is nothing like this type of collaboration in the US, at least not that I’ve seen. I think those crazy Canucks have got it right with this cool combo of science and textiles. They seem to understand innovation is more than just finding a sellable product, but also can focus on aesthetics, craftsmanship, and even an artistic statement.




If you really want to get in depth on Photonic Crystals, Wikipedia actually is a great place to start. There is a good scientific breakdown of the photonic methods and fabrication challenges.