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Bubble gum pink keyboard is bad for blondes

I got an email forwarding a link to this silly bubble gum pink Keyboard for Dumb Blondes designed by blonde, Samantha Dubin. The totally kitch and somewhat funny keyboard has keys that say things like "Ooops!" for the Delete Key and "The Big One" for the Space Bar. I like the number keys, it shows some flair and it is obvious that the designer was having some fun. I can take a joke, and at first glance found this funny. However, a deeper look says this promotes that women are too stupid to use a keyboard and that is just not cool. While trying to make a technology item for girls to have fun with and embrace, Ms. Dubin missed the punch line.

Ironically, this pink frothy keyboard design is akin to the female dominated typewriter. The typewriter has been associated with women's emancipation as we entered the workforce in the early 1900s. Though, in those times secretaries were depicted as harlots and husband stealers. While we've come a long way, I wonder who the execs would have dictated all those important letters too and how would we have made it past the 50's if they didn't have a loyal and trustworthy secretary typing, copying and filing for them? Knowing our history makes promoting the idea that we can't type or use a keyboard downright ludicrous.

The biggest fault of women in the past is that we didn't design our own technologies, but let men design them for us. So it is sad to see a woman who took a stab at designing a technology sell us out for a joke. It's too bad she couldn't have taken it a bit more seriously. In the end, there will be some confused brunettes and many confused men, but maybe this will inspire someone to make a keyboard for smart blondes instead or just smart women in general – now that I would like to see. 

Article Via: NY Daily News

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