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Beauty and blogger Lauren Miller, from

I believe healthy hair and skin is the cornerstone to living and
looking beautiful. I find when my hair and skin are in balance I not
only look better but feel better as well. I am continually seeking out
a new moisturizer or a conditioner that will give my hair an
illustrious shine. I am fascinated how technologically advanced the
beauty industry has become. In response to this trend, we have decided
that Iheartswitch will begin taking a more in-depth look at all our
favorite things beauty related.

And to celebrate adding beauty as one of our new subjects, we would
like to welcome Lauren Miller as a new contributing writer for Switch.

Lauren was a Lead Producer for Banana Republic before becoming the Senior Producer at
An avid crafter and maker, Lauren brings her hands-on creative attitude
to the marketing team of Sephora, producing one of the internet's most
successful online beauty stores.

Lauren is in touch with the latest and most innovative products and
attitudes, and we hope you will enjoy her flavorful perspective here on
SWITCH in the coming months!