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Beagle Scarf: A Smart Hoodie for Autism

After seeing Autistic designer Temple Grandin's amazing talk at TED this year and learning about accepting "all kinds of minds," it was really satisfying to see Leo Chao's Beagle Scarf Hoodie. The scarf is a thoughtful design response to the needs of Autistic children. Though Autism can range in severity, it interferes with people's sensitivities. Even the smallest noise, smell, or texture can be very disturbing. According to the Yanko Design blog, "A recent research suggests that stimulants like music, aromatherapy, and textured toys can help alleviate the condition."

The design, which looks like floppy beagle ears (hence the name), can be worn either like a scarf wrapped around the neck or zipped up like a sleeveless jacket. It is made from a soft blanket fabric with embedded speakers near the ears. It can also be customized with aroma therapy patches, and textured inner pockets depending on the needs of the child. 

Many products for special needs children are very expensive. However,  this project could be a really easy DIY for parents or kids. Chao needs to either share his knowledge in a tutorial or keep the cost low. Whatever the case, I hope to hear more about this project soon. Who knows, we may get a few more Temple Grandins! 

If you want to know more about Temple, I've posted the video below and there is also a great movie out about her as well. Take the time to watch both!

Via: electricfoxy


I think i have seen this one earlier too. i am loving this scarf hoody...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 09:51