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Alison is the Techno-Fashionista Guru for Verizon FiOS’s MyHome2.0

(Above: Me taking a break with the cast and crew on the MyHome2.0 set in 2008)

BACK for ANOTHER EPISODE for the tech home makeover show MYHOME 2.0! I worked on 5 episodes in 2008 creating unique interactive systems, with my fellow Gurus Brian and Lloyd and made five families lives better through technology. Like before, we get only 48 hours to seamlessly mesh the new computer equipment, one-of-a kind interactive designs, and install Verizon FiOS into the newly redesigned home.

However, this season, the show has a fabulous new cast of characters. The Makeover team is now made up of a Head Guru, Scott Martian Brooks, the show Host, Tiffany Smith, Design Guru Mark Montano, a local FiOS Guru, and a Tech Guru - which is me for this episode. The Tech Guru used in the episode depends on the families needs and what type of installation they looking for. Brian is the mega metal headed mechanical technologist, Lloyd is the computer genius who can connect and code any home for an upgrade straight into the future, and then there is me, the
Techno-Fashionista, who softens everything up with personalized electronic designs that focus on aesthetics (of course!).

(Brian, Lloyd, and me hugging it out before the big reveal!)

You can watch the older episodes on Vimeo. Some of the projects you will find there include a
FiOS-Enabled Emotion Detector, an infrared digital harp, a digital Memory Wall, a whimsical PB&J Machine and more!

The Verizon show is the brainchild of the award winning marketing group,Campfire NYC. Campfire creates unique and personal experiences for major brands like Audi, HBO’s True Blood, and USA’s the 4400. Just recently, they finished a terrifyingly awesome campaign for Discovery’s 22 year old Shark Week.